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Farming Experience

    You can meet beautiful sky, land, and people here in Jilul Goraesil.
    Try the farming experience, feel the sound, touch, and scent of the nature that you missed in hectic life, find peace of your mind, and get thankful to be alive.
    Talk about farming and share the joy of seed sowing and reaping!
    Spring is the busiest season for farmers as the land is ready to embrace the seeds after long winter.
    Jilul Goraesil also spends busy days with farming activities.
    During seed sowing, we feel the gratitude for land and water, and thank farmers for their hard work.
    Plant seeds and seedlings in our Deulsalrim (field restoration) activity.
    Dig small holes for little seeds, cover them with soil, and hope for good harvest.
    Harvested crops are delivered to your place afterwards.
    Plant seasonal crops such as potatoes, rice, and corns.
    Feel the joy of harvest through our activities.
    Starting in May, we harvest eco-friendly farm products such as young radish and yeori napa cabbage to make kimchi and in June we harvest haji potato. You can behave like farmers by reaping corn and tomato in summer, and harvesting sweet potato, autumn corn, and rice in autumn. We can also harvest autumn potatoes.
    Moreover, people pick wild herbs like shepherd’s purse and aster scaber, while harvesting farmed plants such as red pepper and eggplant.
Strawberry, the Flower that Blooms in Winter
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    Make fun memories
    with your friends, family, and colleagues for vacation or corporate seminars.
    Various lodging programs ranging from family trip and graduation trip to summer/winter camps in Goraesil will make unforgettable memories.
    ◎ How to participate as helpers
       - A main helper is selected among applicants who completed the program.
       - A main and sub-helper will be given equal opportunities (But, they may vary depending on circumstances).
       - An ideal number of helpers will be assigned depending on different programs;
          At least one helper is assigned for 20 to 40 participants.
    ◎ How to run the programs
       - One program is designed for 15 to 40 individuals (depending on programs).
       - If the total number of participants is 40 or more, adults and children may participate in different programs.
       - hen participants use installations and equipment (dugout hut, sledding slope, wood wagon, and other tools)      for purposes irrelevant to the program, rental fees must be paid, or prior consent must be earned.
          * When participants pay rental fees, a minimum number of personnel should be dispatched and borrowed
             items should be returned to the original location.
       - All participants must be engaged in a program.
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