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Introducing the Village

    Introduction to Jilul Goraesil Village

    Jilul Goraesil is a remote mountainous village community with clean rivers flowing nearby.
    The ‘jil’ in the village name refers to ‘jilgeureut,’ or a crude earthenware bowl made of mud without a coating of lye, and the ‘wool’ is taken from ‘wooltari,’ or fence, because the mountains are surrounding the village like fences.
    ‘Goraesil’ refers to a fertile rice paddy with deep floor and good waterway.
    It excellently represents the heart of Jilul Goraesil that is rugged but honest like earthenware and wants to console everyone and serves as everyone’s hometown just like a mother’s warm and healthful tableful of food.

    Time for Meeting

    Jilul Goraesil is surrounded by Dumulmeori, where two rivers meet and create beautiful fog, and Mt. Chonggye, a mountain dearly loved by climbers from the Seoul metropolitan area.
    Jilul Goraesil is a place where the sky meets the land and people meet one another.
    Here, visitors can forget the hustle and bustle of the city life and find peace of their mind just paying attention to the nature’s sounds, smell, and touch, and truly feel thankful for being alive.
    Come visit Goraesil to make precious and exciting memories!

    Songs of nature

    Just 30 to 40 minutes away from the metropolitan area, Jilul Goraesil is designated as a water source protection area and water-pollutant buffering zone.
    Its well-preserved environment offers sweet scents of flowers each season, beautiful songs of birds, gorgeous reservoirs and forests, The curvy terraced paddy field strongly resembles our hometown.
    In Goraesil Village, you can enjoy both Mulsori-gil, which lets you meet every corner of Yangpyeong by following mul sori (‘water sound’), and the romantic Namhangang River Bike Road, where you would find Mulsori-gil and vestiges of the old railway track.
    Do you hear it? Will you give your ear to the songs of nature?

    Story of healthy produce and healthy people

    To protect the environment and produce foods that are safe to eat, farmers at Jilul Goraesil produce organic, pesticide-free produce, using freshwater snails instead of pesticide.
    The villagers are very proud of their eco-friendly farming products.
    The Green Resort Town Project, first initiated in 2006 in Goraesil (designated as a green village later in 2011), has continued to promote the exchanges between local residents and city dwellers, aiming to create income and happiness for local residents.
    People from cities can experience the rural life and visit farmers’ market, while the villagers get a chance to let them know the true value of farmers’ hard work.
    Also, with a view to improving the quality of life for residents, we are promoting a variety of events with culture and arts that all residents may join.
    We want to create happiness with everyone who visits Jilul Goraesil Village.
    We wish that Jilul Goraesil Village is the place that occurs to people when they are down and out, lonely, and are having a hard time.

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