Goraesil Village


    Origin of Dogokri

    Long time ago in a village in Dogokri called Banjangi, there was a famous mill that made excellent earthenware and pottery.
    That’s how the Dogokri got its name--‘do’ meaning pottery and ‘gok’ meaning valleys.

    History of Dogokri

    Dogokri became part of Yangpyeong-gun in 1908.
    Then, after a series of district consolidation in 1914, it became part of Yangseomyeon with the current name Dogokri.
    Also, Dogokri used to consist of an inner village (Jilul) and an outer village (Banjangburak).
    But in 1978, most of the outer village moved to a nearby neighborhood called Shinwonri.
    Since then, Dogokri now consists of just one village.


    Banjangri is located halfway between the eastern end and the western end of Dogokri.

    Village forests

    It was believed that the village must be surrounded all around so that the residents can’t see the outside of the village.
    It prevents bad spirit outside from coming into the village, and good spirits in the village from leaving.
    In the past, they used to perform rituals for the spirits.
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