Goraesil Village



    We have two 4-person rooms and three 10-person rooms. And Village Hall is used as a composite space for experiential programs and lodgings.
    For dining, the ground floor accommodates about 100 persons and the second floor serves about 60 persons, while the outdoor house holds 80 persons, totalling about 240 persons.
    For lodgings, we have two small rooms, one large living room, and one mid-size room on the ground floor, which accommodates about 30 persons.
    The space on the second floor has three large rooms, accommodating about 30 to 40 persons.
    (A composite space to be constructed in the second half of 2016 will include lodgings and experiential facilities.)

    We have three toilets inside and six portable toilets outside.
    A shower room can accommodate 15 persons at a time.

    For water play, Paddy Field Swimming Pool safely accommodates minimum about 80 persons, which gets cleaned and is filled with clean water for each day with a group of users.
    As an outdoor experiential facility, the green house ensures safe and comfortable implementation of experiential programs in case of rain.
    We have a wide courtyard, four pavilions for rest in the village forest, and six low wooden benches.

    It accommodates 20 tour buses.
Customer service hours
평일 (Weekday)  AM09:00 ~ PM07:00
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점심시간 (Lunch time)  PM12:00 ~ PM01:00
일요일 및 공휴일 정상근무
(Be closed on Sundays and holidays)

Phone for consultation and information
( goraesil7@daum.net )
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