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    The name ‘Dumulmeori’ originates from the letters ‘兩水里’ which refer to the joining of two bodies of water, the Bukhan River that flows from the Geumgang Mountain, and the Namhangang River flowing from the Geomnyongso Pond from the depths of Geumdae Peak in Gangwondo.
    It is also the area surrounding the ferry docks in Yangsuri.
    Dumulmeori is also the Korean word for the location ‘Yangsuri.’
    Ranked within the top 100 places to visit in Korea, it is by far one of the most scenic spots in Yangpyeong and Korea as a whole.
    The sight of the 400-year-old Zelkova Tree and the morning fog hovering above the river will take your breath away.
    Dumulmeori has also been featured in numerous movies, advertisements, and television dramas.



    Semiwon is a park where you can see a vast range of aquatic plants being used for the purpose of natural purification in 6 large ponds across 207,000 ㎡ of land.
    Lotus flowers, water lilies, and water iris are planted across these ponds where the Han River water is filtered for heavy metals and other floating matter before it flows into the Paldang Dam.
    The park is largely divided into the Semiwonand the Seokchangwon.
    Semiwon is also host to the World Water Lily Center where over 100 different types of water lilies grow, an education center where the purifying capabilities of aquatic plants are tested and shown to the public, and a cultivation facility where new water lily and lotus varieties are tested.
    Take a walk through the park, and you will see a beautiful fountain in the shape of traditional Korean pots which was built to wish for cleaner rivers.
    Other spots around the park include Gwanlandae where you can oversee the entire site, and ‘Monet’s Garden’ which was named as such due to its resemblance with the artist’s well-known painting.
    Take a stroll down to Yusanggoksu, which was built as a traditional garden where you can hear old Korean tunes.
    There is also a fountain designed to look like the traditional tool that was used to measure the water level of rivers.
    You can also find Punggidae, which was traditionally used to determine the direction of wind.
    Take a walk across the many boats that form the bridge linking Semiwon to the rest of Dumulmeori.
    Seokchangwon is a plant nursery for the Acorus gramineus.
    Here, you will see a pavilion on wheels called the Salyunjeong and the greenhouse which was originally placed in the Changdeok Palace during King Jeongjo’s reign in the Joseon period.
    It provides great insight to how Koreans were able to wisely use the environment around them.



    Birthplace Memorial of Lyuh Woon-hyung

    The Birthplace Memorial of Lyuh Woon-hyungopened on the 27th of November 2011 to celebrate the life and spirit of LyuhWoon-hyung (1886-1947, also known by his pen name, Mong Yang) who dedicated his entire life to the independence of Korean people and the peaceful unification of the two Koreas.
    The birthplace was first built in 1715 (41styear King Sukjong’s reign) when Lyuh’s father from the Hamyang clan moved to Yangpyeong.
    Mong Yang was born here and continued to live in the same house until he moved to Seoul in 1908 after completing the mourning period over his father’s death.
    The house was destroyed during the Korean War, but the people of Yangpyeong came together to acquire the land where the house once stood in 2001, and a monument was built on the spot a year later.
    In2008, he received the posthumous honor of the Order of Merit for National Foundation, Republic of Korea Medal, and to commemorate the event, his birthplace was restored in 2011, 64 years after his death.
    A memorial center was built alongside the birthplace, where you can see the blood stained clothing that Lyuh was wearing at his moment of death, the elegy that was written for his funeral, the desk he used during his life in Seoul, the Order of Merit for National Foundation, Republic of Korea Medal among other belongings.

    Birthplace Memorial of Lyuh Woon-hyung_01Birthplace Memorial of Lyuh Woon-hyung_02

    Other Tourist Spots

    Insect Museum, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Angela Garden
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